In the real world, Makies are 3D printed plastic dolls. They’re 10” high, super poseable, and each one is totally unique.
The Makie you invent will be one-of-a-kind, and all yours. Makie dolls are made in London, and can be sent to wherever you are. ♥

"I've never had a doll quite like my Makie. I'm glad such fun, wonderful people have made such a cool concept a reality. A very friendly experience and a perfect doll!"

- Nikki, USA

"Communication after ordering was fantastic. I e-mailed them with a question and got a response very quickly. They kept me informed as to what part of the process my Makie was at, too, via e-mail. As promised, about two weeks later, a package from MakieLab’s arrived from London!"

- Ashley, USA

"Bottom line? Wow. This is an unusual, spectacular doll. I have never had a doll buying experience quite like this, nor have I ever seen a doll that looks, feels and moves quite like a Makie."

- Emily, USA

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