What are Makies?

Makies are award winning, amazingly poseable, 3D printed 10" action dolls designed by you.

You choose what the face looks like: eyes, nose, jaw, smile, hair, clothes - and the hands and feet too! You’re the maker in our Makies Doll Builder.

Once you’ve finished creating, we manufacture your exact figure for you (with amazing 3D printers!), and add the eyes, hair and clothes that you chose for your character. Then we put them in a beautifully recycleable cardboard tube to be sent directly to you!

Got a question? Check out our FAQs for more info!

What is 3D Printing?

We’re using 3D printing techniques to make the action doll, each one unique to its owner.

Imagine a printer: now imagine it uses powdered plastic instead of ink on paper. And NOW imagine that a fine laser melts the finely powdered plastic into a shape: that’s the type of 3D printing we’re using.

Amazing futuristic technology! And all Makies and their accessories are CE marked, so you know that they’re all completely safe.

Locally Produced

Local manufacturing is important to us and we’re very pleased to be assembling all of the Makies in our London HQ.

The dolls are printed by our lovely friends in London and Amsterdam, and the tiny little clothes are handmade by Elouise in our lab, and made to order. We even package up your unique toy in materials sourced in the UK.

We’re pretty sure toys haven’t been made in London since the Victorians were about. So, locally made. That’s good!

Perfect for Makers!

Makies come in female and male form, and are fully poseable in all sorts of ways. They can do karate, yoga and kung fu, or at least stand in positions which look a bit like that. They have easily pull-off and push-on limbs, hands and feet, so dressing them is easy.

We want Makies to be maker-friendly, so in the future we’ll be offering all sorts of paints, colours, makeup and add-ons to help you turn Makie into the character of your imagination!

Makies are perfect for anyone who loves to make! Your Makie can be a central part of everything - from painting and drawing skills, clothes, wigs and accessory making, to your own circuitry hacks, photography and animation. Create anything and everything!